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Please Read Before Buying...


All product is sold AS-IS with no warranty.

As a wholesaler of bulk lots of liquidated merchandise, BUY the PALLET, Llc does not process, inspect, and/or test any of the merchandise.  As such, and unless otherwise noted,  Buy the Pallet, Llc is not responsible for the product on each pallet and does not offer any guarantees, warranties or refunds.

Warranty Image.png


Unless otherwise noted, all pallets are unprocessed, meaning pallets arrive shrink wrapped (as shown) directly from the supplier and are untouched by Buy the Pallet (we do not unwrap and/or inspect any items on these pallets)


By purchasing these pallets you understand that the product is not all new and may contain a mixture of store returns, overstock, or other type of product.


Reserved pallets and small lot auctions must picked up within 2 business days from date the pallet is reserved/won.  Pallets not picked up within 2 business days will be resold and result in that person being banned from reserving or bidding on pallets in the future. 


BUY the PALLET, Llc does not collect any personal information from our customers.  Business information collected is solely related to resale certificates and tax purchases.  We will never share this information with 3rd parties.  Email addresses provided for truckload sales will be used only for the purchases of providing updates on truckloads available.  Customers can opt-out of this list at any time.

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