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Buy the Pallet

For buyers who are looking to purchase bulk merchandise lots by the pallet.

By the pallet currently offers two ways to purchase individual pallets from us:


We will typically bring in 15 or more tractor trailer loads per week from vendors such as H*me Depot, W@lmart, K*hls, T@rget, Am@zon, BB & Beyond, L*wes, C*stco and others. These pallets are sold at a fixed price - typically around $200 to $550. Pallets are available for in-store direct purchase on Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 10AM to 2PM, at our Buffalo location and Tuesday to Saturday, from 10AM to 3PM, at our Fort Worth location.  


HOW IT ALL WORKS - generally new shipments arrive early in the morning (around 8AM). Shipments will be unloaded and priced with doors opening for the sale of new pallets beginning at 10AM.  Sale of new pallets will be on a first come/first serve basis. However, should any pallets remain unsold, we will also do a live stream video showing still available pallets, along with a brief overview of what is on each pallet and pricing for that pallet. Should you want one of the pallets shown in the live stream video, just comment the pallet number in the video post and we will reserve the pallet for you. Reserved pallets need to be picked up within 2 business day after reservation is made, unless other arrangements are requested.


LINE NUMBERS - Numbers will be given out starting at 9AM. Numbers will hold your place in line, so once you have one, you can come back around 15 minutes before the doors open to queue up. Everyone will be let in at the same time, but in the order of your number. EVERYONE MUST HAVE A NUMBER.


Buy the Pallet will typically have 15 to 20 pallet auctions daily.  Starting bids for all auctions is $25 with $1 minimum bid increments.  Auctions are available only on Facebook. 

Auction pickup is available at our Buffalo location Tuesday, Thursday and Friday by appointment only from 9AM to 2PM, and on Wednesday and Saturdays from 10AM to 2PM.

Auction pickup is available at our Fort Worth location Tuesday to Saturday from 10AM to 3PM.

To bid on daily auctions you will need to join our Facebook Buyer's Group page.  Also, members of our Buyer's Group will receive updates on incoming shipments, be able to view live stream videos and receive special promotions. 


Join Buy the Pallet (Dallas-Fort Worth) Group here:  

Join Buy the Pallet (Buffalo) Group here:

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Buy the Truck

For buyers who are looking to purchase bulk merchandise lots by the truck load.

Currently, Buy the Pallet offers truck loads of L*wes double stack pallets and mixed GM loads, with Am@zon loads coming soon.  Loads are available for direct purchase and by auction, with typically one truck load auction weekly.  Truck load auctions begin at $25 with $5 minimum bid increments.   To stay up-to-date on available truck loads and/or to bid on our truck load auctions, you will need to join our Facebook Buy the Truck group page.  

Join our Buy the Truck Group (for both Buffalo & Dallas-Fort Worth) here:  

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Buy the BIN

Daily bin sales featuring $1, $2, $5, and $10 bins.

Buy the BIN sales feature BINS stocked full of electronics, clothing, home goods, health & beauty, snack foods and more.   All items are priced at either $1, $2, $5 or $10.  With BIN prices dropping during the week.

  • Friday & Saturday: BINS are $1, $2, $5 and $10

  • Discount Tuesday & Wednesday: BINS are $0.50, $1, $2, and $5

  • Extreme Discount Thursday: BINS are $0.25, $0.50, $1 and $2

BINS are restocked with new merchandise every Friday and Saturday.   BIN sales are currently only available at our Buffalo location.

Stay up-to-date with BIN news and new product for the week by joining our Facebook Buy the BIN group page.  

Join our Buy the BIN Group here:  

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