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What You Need to Know


What payment types do you accept?

  • We accept both cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and PayPal.

  • There is no additional fee for using credit/debit cards or PayPal, unless otherwise noted.

  • Sorry, we do not accept personal or business checks or money orders.

Open to Public

Can anyone purchase pallets?

  • Buy the Pallet is open to the public - a resale certificate or Tax ID is NOT required to purchase from us.

  • However, if you do have a resale certificate or tax exempt number, please bring it with you.  Otherwise, we are required to charge sales tax on each purchase.

  • To obtain a resale certificate you will need to be registered to collect sales tax in the state you live.  Resale certificate forms can usually be found online at your states government website.  You are required to have a resale certificate from the state you sell in.

Purchasing Pallets

How do I purchase pallets?

  • Pallets can be purchased any time directly from our warehouse during normal business hours.  We typically will have around 80 to 100 pallets in stock at a given time.

  • When inventory is available we will provide buyers the opportunity to reserve pallets online via Facebook Live Streams.  

  • In addition to direct pallet sales, Buy the Pallet will also typically have 10 daily pallet auctions you can bid on.

  • For more information on purchase pallets, please visit our "Services" page here: SERVICES


Can I have my pallet shipped?

  • Yes, we can ship any pallet to you, unless otherwise noted, within the continental US. 

  • Shipping costs will be dependent upon the size of the pallet and your location (state/residential vs commercial address).  You can use sites like uShip or Freight Quote to get an estimate on what shipping will cost.  For a estimate, use a 40x48x60" pallet size, 500lb weight and freight class of 125.

  • Buyers are also welcome to arrange their own shipments.  Just let us know you want a pallet shipped and we can provide dimensions/weights for each of your pallets.

  • Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs.


What do you mean by "unprocessed"?

  • What this means is every pallet we receive arrives wrapped, directly from the supplier or distribution center as you see them on our warehouse floor.

  • Buy the Pallet does not unwrap, inspect, and/or remove any items on the pallets - we sell them exactly as we receive them!  

Store/Online Returns

What is store and online return merchandise?

  • Returns, whether store returns or online returns, are items that have been purchased and returned.  People return merchandise for many different reasons such as wrong size or color, different features than expected, exchanging, or damaged.  Merchandise which is returned does not always mean the item is damaged or used.

  • The condition of returns can vary greatly based on the return policy of the retailer, and  online returns will typically be better condition than store returns.

  • Pallets consisting of store return merchandise may not always be 100% store returns as retailers sometimes mix in returns, overstock/shelf pull, and new merchandise. 


What is overstock merchandise?

  • Overstock merchandise are goods that have never been purchased by a customer but are excessive stock from shelves and/or warehouses.

  • Overstock merchandise is typically in new condition. 

  • In some cases, vendors will liquidate merchandise due to box damaged which occurred in the vendor's warehouse (e.g., fell off self, hit by a forklift etc.).  This product is still considered overstock, but with box damage.  These items are still new, but it is possible that some box damaged may result in physical damage to the item.

Pallet Pickup

Where can I pickup my pallets?

  • Reserved pallets and auction pallets can be picked up at our warehouse during normal business hours.  No reservation is required.

  • Buyer is responsible for pickup, securing and transporting of their pallets.  If you need to leave part or all of a pallet at our warehouse, Buy the Pallet will hold the pallets for up to 3 business days, after which, we reserve the right to dispose of the merchandise in any way we choose.

  • If required, Buy the Pallet will forklift load your pallets onto your vehicle.  Otherwise, we will have a designated area where you can hand load.

  • Buyers are REQUIRED to take all items on the pallet (please do not leave items behind!).  

Business Hours

When are you open?

Buy the Pallet (Buffalo)
  • Monday: Closed

  • Tuesday: 9AM to 2PM*

  • Wednesday: 10AM to 2PM**

  • Thursday: 9AM to 2PM*

  • Friday: 9AM to 2PM*

  • Saturday: 10AM to 2PM**

  • Sunday: Closed

*By appointment only for auction pickup

**In-store direct pallet sales these days only

Buy the Pallet (DFW)
  • Monday: Closed

  • Tuesday: 10AM to 3PM

  • Wednesday: 10AM to 3PM

  • Thursday: 10AM to 3PM

  • Friday: 10AM to 3PM

  • Saturday: 10AM to 2PM

  • Sunday: Closed

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