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For buyers looking to purchase bulk merchandise lots sold by the pallet.  Over 150 pallets in-stock daily along with daily online pallet auctions.

For buyers looking to purchase truck loads of 24 to 26 pallet lots of merchandise.  

Daily BIN sales featuring $1, $2, $5, and $10 bins.  BINS are discounted every other day and restocked weekly.


1430 Clinton Street, Unit 133

Buffalo, NY 14206


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About Us

Buy the Pallet  was started by two brothers, who have over 15 years experience in buying and selling liquidation product.  As experts in buying overstock and return merchandise, we know what product works for making that extra income - whether you are looking to make some extra money selling on Ebay, or a small retail store needing extra inventory - our pallets come PACKED with merchandise and are perfect for your business!  

It is our policy to always be upfront with our customers.  We pride our selves on being honest in everything we do, sell, etc. If we know that a product is going to have a high damage rate, we are going to let you know up front. If we have had negative feed back on products, we are going to let you know. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our customers!  


4871 North Beach St.

Fort Worth, TX 76137


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