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Unlimited Product...

Meeting All of Your Liquidation Needs


Since 2018, We Have Been Delivering Exceptional Product And Service

Buy the Pallet is Western NY's largest wholesaler of liquidation goods. We offer bulk lots of liquidated merchandise from all major retailers sold by the pallet and by the truck load. With locations serving the USA and Canada.

Because of our size, we are able to purchase product by the truck load and at a substantial discount.  This allows us to offer our pallets at a low retail cost to our customers.

20 Years in the Resale Business

The owners of BUY the PALLET started in the resale business over 20 years ago.  First with our eBAY business and then transitioning into retail stores.  

Industry Contacts

With over 20 years experience in the resale business, BUY the PALLET has developed contacts that few others have in this business.  Our network of contacts gives us access to product that few others have access to.  Meaning, we offer programs which buyers won't find at other places.

Outstanding Customer Service

It is our policy to always be upfront with our customers.  We pride ourselves on being honest in everything we do. If we know that a product is going to have a high damage rate, we are going to let you know up front. If we have had negative feed back on products, we are going to let you know. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our customers!  

Money Making Programs

BUY the PALLET offers buyers a unique mix of programs which are geared towards salability using multiple sales channels.  Thereby increasing the likelihood that items sell and you make money!


Your One Stop Shop for Your Liquidation Needs


For buyers who are looking to purchase bulk merchandise lots by the pallet.


For buyers who are looking to purchase bulk merchandise lots by the truck load.


BUY the PALLET currently offers sales in both the USA and Canada.



What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Before you purchase a pallet, we recommend you read through our Terms and Conditions as they contain relevant information regarding our product and the potential risks associated with purchasing liquidated merchandise.

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